July 21, 2010

But it's July?

Doesn't matter if it's been 100 degrees in my neck of the woods.  It's time for Christmas in July.  And we've got some great treats for you this year.  How about the first ever 77 Santas podcast?  Nothing like listening to JV (and we hope, hope, hope) and PC talk about their favorite Christmas songs.  And, a preview of the next round of artwork.  We've finished up the Santa drawings.  Now it's time for photos.  And good golly do I have a lot.  Check back in the next few days.  Or, if you want a sneak peak, head over to www.jayvarner.com later today and listen to the Varnercast for a sneak peak.  Yep, I just outed myself!  Hi,  I'm JV.

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