December 05, 2010

Let Me Be Your Christmas Toy

A short one today, folks.  Been a busy weekend here at North Pole, knocking out a lot of work.  A coming post will be a little gift guide—I’m working on something, and it’s taking a little while to put together.  But, leave a comment and let us know what your ultimate Christmas wishlist included.

A bow full of soul.

It’s about time we get a post up by these guys.

What in the devil is you driving at?  A little does of old-school blues.

Remember, these songs only stay up for a brief time, so get em while they're hot.  And get those Santa contest drawings in!


Bingo Little said...

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...

Whitlo said...

Thanks to the both of you for posting your usual great mix of tunes. I am making amends for not thanking you before this. I have been following your blog for years and have never commented. I just started my own blog today, come visit