January 06, 2007

Saturday Mix CD: One

This is what we're up to over at IDM.

A few technology complaints. I am not a fan of the new Blogger. For some reason adding pictures tremendously screws up my text sometimes. Then I have to go back to edit and tinker with spacing so I don’t have white spaces. Also, I pretty much hate the new version of Internet Explorer. I don’t know what happened but that thing runs slow as molasses on my computer. True, I need to upgrade the old desktop, but still, it shouldn’t be this freaking slow! And why in the hell was 80 degrees yesterday? It’s January, it’s winter—I know I’m on the coast of North Carolina but come on! 80 isn’t normal. End of rant, on to the real business. A few days back, I had this idea to make some mix CDs for the new year. No theme really, just a general and (hopefully) good mix CD. Doesn’t sound hard, right?

After 100 songs, what started out as one mix CD is now five. It’s safe to say that I have a problem. We saw this on our Christmas site 77 Santas. And the few who’ve seen the tracklist or received the 25 CDs of the original Indian Dance Music mix can also attest to my lack of self-control when it comes to mix CDs.

Rather than share all five today, I’m going to break it up over the next five weekends. Here’s the first installment. This week, I went back to some albums that I haven’t listened to much at all in the past year. I forgot how much I loved that last Modest Mouse album, that the Starsailor album is really fucking good, that Longwave album pretty much has one great song, that Brendan Benson can write a damned great pop song, and that for as hyped as they are, The Shins and the Arcade Fire are really fucking good. Actually, I don't think there's a bad song in this batch.

Motherless Bastard – The Books

The World At Large – Modest Mouse

I Want You Back – Hoodoo Gurus

Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams

First of the Gang to Die – Morrissey

Four the Floor – Starsailor

Goddess on a Hiway – Mercury Rev

That Great Love Sound – The Raveonettes

Video – Aimee Mann

How Far – Beth Orton

These Are the Fables – The New Pornographers

River (Depot Song) – Longwave

Rebellion (Lies) – The Arcade Fire

Young Pilgrims – The Shins

Ask Me Anything – The Strokes

Wound Up – Office

What – Brendan Benson

Ooh La La – Goldfrapp

Spread Your Love – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Ways to Be Wicked – Long Justice

The Good Advice – Pete Yorn


Anonymous said...

As far as IE7 - The reason it is slow is the "phishing" filter. It checks each site against a list of know phising sites. It is turned on by default. (TOOLS) (OPTIONS) (ADVANCED) and turn it off the autochecking. If you turn it off, just be careful. The "slowness" isn't the browser per se, it is the time to go check that list.

BTW - Thanks for the great blog

Anonymous said...

Have you quit?