December 20, 2008

Santa Can't Stay

Where would this blog be without PC? The past week, I’ve done nothing but neglect this blog, and it’s inexcusable. Therefore, as punishment, I am making myself eat several Andes Mints. Okay, so it’s not punishment, it’s delicious. I’m going to try my best to put on a smile and take us into the holiday.

X-Mas (Sure Don’t Feel Like It) – The Dogmatics

It kind of does, but not really. This has been my jam this morning! And it's the 20th of December! And it's been raining lately and might rain again today!

Christmas in My Home Town – Charley Pride

Eventually, I’ll get there. (Sorry for the skip.)

I’d like to See My Mom For Christmas – Bob Jones with Williams Sextette

I would.

Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) – Deathcab for Cutie

The snow’s coming down, I’m watching it fall…

Christmas Is Coming Soon – Blitzen Trapper

One of the better albums from 2008.

This Christmas – Donny Hathaway

You know what you should do when something gets you down? Fire up this Donny Hathaway song—it’s bliss.

Santa Can’t Stay – Dwight Yoakam

Wish that he could.

Here Comes Christmas – Bill Kelly

Five days away.

Okay, tomorrow will have some hits, requests, and reposts—I’ve got Gayla and Andy Williams waiting. Anything else I’m missing? And there’s going to be some great Santa pictures tomorrow—just wait!


Anonymous said...

Good morning. (Or afternoon, evening, or whenever you read this.)

I just got done reading your post. The only comment I have it this.

Don't stress out over not being able to keep your posting up. Family and friends come before any blogspot. I understand completely when s**t happens. If you have to go on hiatus, do it. When you get back, let your audience know why.To coin a phrase from journalism

"Your loyal readers will understand, and will be there when you get back."

This isn't a bad little blogspot. May you be able to continue.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to make requests? Here are three that I've been digging from the radio this year:
1)I'm guessing the song title is "A Christmas Too Remember" Dolly Parton and I'm guessing Kenny Rodgers as well.
2)Darlene Love Marshmallow World?
3)Andy Williams Christmas Waltz
No pressure, I'm sure anything you post will be worth listening to. Merry Christmas and may all your New Year dreams come true (including being with family next year).

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas again wow what a great selection of music

Christmas has no time lines...don't rush or worry yourself about anything

Enjoy the holidays...they go so fast

I love Alvin and the Chipmunks...the old original one

Ho Ho Ho and thank you !!

Anonymous said...

you got Ferlin Husky "Christmas Is Holy" ?

just wonderling


Anonymous said...

I love Santa Can't Stay by Dwight.. exceptional song !!

Anonymous said...

I am loving this blog. It's great to hear some stuff you don't hear on the radio every year. Thank you!

Anonymous said...