October 19, 2011

We're moving! Come with us!

Faithful readers! You know how we usually only post here two months out of the year, at best? Well, we plan to continue with our love of Christmas songs mostly obscure and sometimes not, but we can't lie dormant during the other 10 or so months of the year!

So, a little announcement: PC and JV have crossed over to an all-podcast all the time format. We hope you will find a new slew of our obsessions to enjoy, in addition to Christmas music, at our new podcast, Talus, Or Scree.

We are about 8 episodes in and it's going quite well! We're having a blast! Go take a look at the new site and give a listen to the podcast. We will still offer bundles of songs during the holiday season, albeit in podcast form and through the new website. Keep your eyes and ears open, bookmark the new page, Like us on Facebook, and spread the word, please!

Ok. Onward to the next adventure! Please come along!



Randy Blair said...

I just heard a great song on last.fm, Christmas Blues interpreted by Tom Levon! What to you think about this song? I hope the new blog is a success! Best, Randy

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Randy! Just discovered great music thanks to your post!