December 18, 2011

Jay Varner's Holiday Mix 2011

Did we need another holiday mix? No. However, that never deters us from going totally overboard! Our final holiday mix of 2011 is now available at Talus, Or Scree (that's our new home; if you haven't visited yet, we're there all year round!). A little background here: this is the holiday mix Jay will give a select group of family and friends. Now, given that it’s December 18, he will most likely never actually get this in the mail. I mean, let’s be honest about it. Still, his heart is in the right place and he certainly has the best of intentions. If you downloaded the earlier mixes, there might be a few repeats here but most of the songs are making their debut on 77 Santas. If you download all five mixes, you’ve got over six and a half hours of music. That should get you to your destinations this week and then some. We hope you’ve enjoyed these mixes and already look forward to 77 Santas’ 2012 season!

Head on over to the new 77 Santas to check it out.


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Anonymous said...

Any Chance I can find these somewhere else, and did you ever do any other Christmas Mixes, I have the 2011 collection and would like to obtain more if you have them.

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