November 15, 2006

How I love that girl group sound! The Pipettes tap into that retro sound—harmonies, handclaps, reverb. They wear polka-dot dresses on stage and choreograph their movements on stage. It’s beautiful. Check out their album, We Are the Pipettes for more. As much as I dig the retro-is-chic thing, consider this just a tease for the real thing. Anyone who’s heard that Phil Spector Christmas album knows what I’m talking about.

I believe that this song comes from a 2004 limited edition Christmas CD—only 200 were pressed and given to friends. However, I’m by no means certain of that—anyone with the specific info, please let me know. Nonetheless, I’d love to hear what was on that 2004 CD.

If you liked the Raveonettes tune yesterday, check this out too.

White Christmas – The Pipettes

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