July 26, 2007

The Simpsons

Continuing a feature we started at our old site, a blog celebration of The Simpsons. Originally, the series started as very Bart-centric—in the early 90s, everyone wore their “Don’t Have Cow” or “Eat My Shorts” T-shirts. Over time however, while the show explored side characters, it also realigned and focused more on Homer. Without a doubt, Homer Simpson is my favorite cartoon character ever. Though at times he does some incredibly stupid things, deep down, he is still a blue-collar man trying to do what’s best for his family. Throughout it all, Homer might be the most consistently funny cartoon character every created. Some of the songs below highlight this.

Meet the Flinstones
It’s impossible Homer Simpson without the outstanding voice-work of Dan Castellaneta. A winking nod to The Flintstones, the last prime-time animated sitcom, is brilliant.

Underwater Wonderland
Unfortunately with the popularity of Family Guy (don’t get me started—I loathe everything about that show), The Simpsons was forced to cut back on fantasy sequences and flashbacks. Family Guy doesn’t have a plot, in fact it barely has scenes, and relies solely upon fantasies and flashbacks, while usually stealing some jokes The Simpsons.

In Marge We Trust (Medley)
Better known as Mr. Sparkle, the gags suffer a bit without the subtitles, such as the Japanese soap logo saying, “I am disrespectful to dirt! Can’t you see that I am serious?”

Mr. Plow
One of my very favorite episodes that pits Barney against Homer in a battle to conquer Springfield’s competitive driveway plowing business.

The Land of Chocolate
After a German company purchases the power plant, Homer must actually answer some questions about his job. One of my favorite sequences from the show—“That was ten minutes ago!”

Honey Roasted Peanuts
Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts!

Homer’s Barbershop Quartet
The Be Sharps reunited on the rooftop of Moe’s to perform “Baby on Board.” Also a classic episode, perfectly spoofing The Beatles.

TV Sucks!
How apt—Bart is dying to see the Itchy and Scratchy big-screen movie, yet Homer punishes the boy and forbids him to see it.

Tomorrow, our final post in the celebration, featuring the very best (think monorail and apes!) songs from the show.

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Traitor Vic said...

Happy Holidays!

It's been pretty darn hot around here, so I've not even attempted to enjoy my usual Hot Buttered Rum in July. Thanks, though, for the Music. It's put me right into the spirit of a season that isn't even really upon us! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!