July 20, 2007

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Day Two of our Christmas in July special. While I doubt there are many people listening to Christmas today, I am happy to be doing it. Last winter, when I told some of my friends that I helped keep a blog with Christmas music, many people kind of nodded and asked why was I ever doing such a thing. They hate holiday music—it’s irritating, it’s grating, it’s about religion and stuff!

Well, yes, that’s true. Some of it is awfully irritating. PC and I devoted some time to just terrible Christmas songs last year, including the dreaded “Christmas Shoes” and “Wonderful Christmas Time.” Top 40 radio plays these songs incessantly during the holiday season and yeah, they suck. We don’t shy away from songs focused on the religious aspects of Christmas on 77 Santas. For me, if a song is good, it’s good, no matter what it’s about.

We make it a point to post songs that you probably won’t hear on the radio. If DJs played some of our songs, everyone would be craving Christmas songs year-round. Another round of goodies today.

Christmas in July: Day Two

Snowfall – LeRoy Holmes and His Orchestra
Another song that just oozes with cool, perfectly suited to play next to your swimming pool on a hot summer day.

Old-Fashioned Christmas – Jimmy Martin
This is a song that conjures up nostalgia for a period before I was born. It sure sounds like a lovely want to spend the season.

Christmas Is Just Another Day for Me – Ernest Tubb
Here’s something for the bah-humbugs in the crowd, sung by none other than Ernest Tubb, one of the greatest voices in classic country.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Roy Wood and Wizzard
Somehow this starts out with the cynical sound of a cash-register ringing up a sale but deliver is a great celebration of the season that’s a mix of Beach Boys melody and modern rock.

I’ll Be Home With Bells On – Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
Long one of my favorites. The warm harmony and the beat just charms you.

Nut Rocker – B Bumble and the Stingers
Stick with it. Yes, you’ll recognize the beginning and then this thing takes off.

Calling On Mary – Aimee Mann
My favorite off Aimee Mann’s Christmas album from last year. Never get tired of her voice.

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