July 29, 2007

The Sunday EP

With the site redesign, we’re going to start a new feature: The Sunday EP. No full-length mix, just five or so songs that have been playing this past week. We’ll do our best to stay on the schedule—in the past, these things always started strong and then died out in their third week.

Tonight – Sibylle Baier
This buried treasure was originally recorded in the early 1970s, after Sibylle Baier took a road trip with a friend. The song is melancholy and intimate, sounding like something that was never intended to be shared with the world. As one of the reviews on Amazon.com said, if Sylvia Plath had been a singer rather than a poet, it might have sounded something like this.

Pretty Voice – Cloud Cult
Chamber pop that any fan of The Decemberists would probably enjoy, The Village Voice described this band as “Modest Mouse on lithium.” I can hear some Neutral Milk Hotel in here as well. The band distributes their albums on their own album and work from a geothermal energy powered organic farm. That’s indie. This song is perfect for a Sunday afternoon drive—it’s loud and warm. By the end, you’ll be driving 90 mph.

Welcome Home, Son – Radical Face
Handclaps, beautiful vocals, and dreamy vocals. Ben Cooper, only 24 years old, is the mastermind behind this band and album. The stunning chorus feels as if it washes over you. Give it a listen—this band deserves an audiences.

The Temptation of Adam – Josh Ritter
Tapping into Elliot Smith and Bob Dylan, the prolific Josh Ritter delivers yet another stunning opening line: “If this was a Cold War we could keep each other warm.” I’ve loved some of Ritter’s songs—including this one—but have felt lukewarm about others. I don’t think he’s ever fully delivered the masterpiece he’s clearly capable of producing. I’m hopeful that this album will be the one I’ve been waiting for.

Valerie – The Zutons
I don’t know why America hasn’t embraced this band more. Take this song—a message to an ex-lover that tears ass and sounds like a band at the top of their game. It manages to sound retro yet completely original, resulting in a refreshing way to end The Sunday EP.

Lastly, the final three Simpsons tracks. I had meant to post these on Friday but had some errands to run and the movie to see. On Saturday, I had to battle the weather and mow the lawn and fire up the charcoal grill before a storm. So, apologies about being late, but the movie is fantastic. I laughed around every thirty seconds. Everything I wanted.

The Monorail Song

A Fish Called Selma (Medley) a.k.a The Planet of the Apes Musical

Talkin’ Softball

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