September 06, 2007

Falling up

Inspired by JV, I'm going to get in on the Fall mix... It's my favorite season, after all. I just wish it was here already! Here's to hoping. At least football is back.

The Kingsbury Manx: "Piss Diary"

One of my all time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite bands. They've yet to disappoint, album after album, line up change after line up change. Gorgeous tunes, great melodies, grace--they've been the soundtrack to so many moments of my life. Buy their work now! And see them live! Down to earth guys from NC doing what they love. This song is fall. Just listen. This whole album (Self-titled, their first) is like listening to the transition from fall to winter.

To see what they're up to, head over to their website:

Sweden's own. Can't really remember how I discovered him, or if JV told me first or I told him, but we both fell for him at the same time. He has such a particular writing style. And his delivery, well, just listen.

A fall classic in my book. Reminds me of growing up. I think Zep does that for everyone. This one goes out to my buddy Ryan.

This song, of the album "Deserters Songs," is so wonderfully haunting. The whole album sounds like fall to me. Sadly, I'vd never seen this band perform.

Off of the classic "Oddysey and Oracle." I bought this album in the fall and it will always remind me of the season. Such a great group. Still going at it too!

Neil Young: "One of these Days"

Anything off "Harvest Moon" would suffice, but I'll choose this. I'd like to sit down and write a long letter, too, most days.

No fall post is complete without these guys. I think of JV now when I hear this... he's my 'Rag Time Willie"... We'll sit in a couple rockin chairs in October, when the Buckeyes and Nittany Lions clash...

Off of the great, underrecognized "Wilderness."

Yo La Tengo: "Autumn Sweater"


That's it. Happy (soon to be) fall!

Go Buckeyes!


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