October 02, 2007

Train Ride Gleanings

If I had the energy, I would post a few of the tunes I listen to on my iPod each day while commuting on the CTA. Since I don't, take this post and deal. Quick shout out to my brother, who bought me said iPod. The thing has changed my life. I used to lug around a portable cd player, and could only listen to one album all day. While JV plans to pack it up til November, I will try to stay as current as I usually do until the season of jingle bell music descends. Then I'll kick it into high gear, especially when Christmas break comes. It can't come soon enough. Here ya go:

Don't turn right, that's Boredom Avenue.

Didn't 311 cover this? Why did 311 cover this? Why is 311?

Such a great song. For Nicole. As is this next one:

Deep Purple: Hush

I was listening to "Welcome to the Jungle" last week and recalled the first time I heard this song, and the entire Appetite album. I was in 5th or 6th grade and I dubbed it (remember that! High Speed Dubbing!) off my brother so that my parents wouldn't know. I was listening to it through headphones and once that opening riff, followed by the whispered "Oh My God," followed by that primal as primal gets scream made their way through my ears my life immediately accelerated. I'll never forget it. What a fucking kick ass album of rock and roll music. Axl may be a bit difficult (could I have put that any more lightly?) but still, these guys did it. I'm not upset that they no longer put out albums because what they put out squashes so much. So, after all of this Appetite talk, I'll give you a few from their also awesome Lies album.

"She bitched so much, she drove me nuts, and now we're happier this way."

You're Crazy

"You know you are. Bring it down. You're fucking crazy!"

All my life I've always wondered if Axl was singing his true feelings or singing in character .... I have no idea. What a bizarre fucking song. Still, I sing along with it in my head, which makes me feel weirder than usual. Weirder than usual. Right.

I'll end it with the Boss, who has a new album out today. JV is buying it tonight and he will post some of it in the next couple days or I'll send dead thrushes to him through US Mail.

10th Avenue Freeze Out

I fucking love this song. Tasteful horns, that driving piano line. It reminds me of my buddy Crow back in Cleveland. This is one we'd put on the jukebox and sing along to, a couple of nice cold ones at our side.

Go Fuck Yourself San Diego,


eric said...

i remember the cd player on the bus, on the way to school.
me: hey pc, how's it going?
pc: fucking jimjames man. good shit. (not pc word for word. just how i remember.)
the bus tumbles down the road.
glad you got an ipod, brother. if anyone deserves one, it's you.

thehauntedtooth said...

ah, EV, gonna make me teary with those old recollections. It was so nice to sit next to you and not a maniac! Well, you know, less of a maniac!