October 11, 2007

TRG #2

Ok, Here's another sampling of this week's train ride tunes.

The 1900s: When I Say Go

Off their newly released debut album. It's great. Go buy it!

Bruce Springsteen: Girls in Their Summer Clothes

Ok, so I went to the record store this weekend. This off of "Magic." Thanks, JV, for haggling me until I bought it. It's awesome.

Such grace.

This is the only album I know or own by them. It's kind of irresistable. Not many of the songs are over two minutes, but they all pack a wallop.

This from the album that brought about the change in name and sound for the ever solid and prolific Jason Molina. Wonder how many ghosts I've ridden with on the train.

This might be my favorite Hip Hop song of all time. So much fucked up American history packed into five wickedly beat and horn driven minutes.

From the great album of the same name. Pairs well with canned, cold beer. My favorite brand of beer by the way.

What? You don't own "Fear of Music"???

What? You don't own everything they ever made?

Nothing like ending with two classics.

That's it. I just got this Phil Spector Box Set. Look for some of these tracks soon. 4 discs, one of which is the Christmas Album. It also comes with a bonus button for your collar and mine came with a handgun too. Strange.

My friend Crow also posed the desert island 5 album challenge on me. I'm thinking it over. It is not easy. When I've decided, I will post.

Til Then Kiddies,

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