December 09, 2008

He's Everywhere! He's Everywhere!

The posts and comments are really amazing. I’m still floored that someone all the way in Malta can download Christmas songs from a rag-tag little blog that, in all honesty, we look forward to doing each year. Come May, PC and I will be talking about college football and Christmas music. This is the best season of the year, no doubt about that.

Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis – Neko Case

I know Tom Waits purists will say that no one can this song like that great man, but for my money, no modern recording artist has a better voice than Neko Case. Not too much holiday spirit here, but some fantastic slice of life observations. It's also the perfect mix of funny/sad, which the best art utilizes.

Calling On Mary – Aimee Mann

Perhaps my favorite off Aimee Mann’s fantastic holiday album. There’s some true melancholy in this song, but it’s beautiful.

Frosty the Snowman – Porter Wagoner

The Wagon-master himself brings it on Frosty. A tender, gentle rendition.

Donde Esta Santa Clause – Augie Rios

If I ever get around to getting a PhD, this will no doubt be one of my study requirements when it comes to the foreign language requirement of my degree. Unfortunately, there are only about a dozen Spanish words.

Santa Claus Is Watching You – Ray Stevens

Yessir, it’s the rare long version of this song. One of my all-time favorite holiday songs—I mean, does anything beat that chorus? And after Americans discovered that their government encourages domestic spying, it took on a whole new meaning for me. He really might be watching me.

Reposts and Requests:

Last Month of the Year – Blind Boys of Alabama

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Steve and Eydie

(Okay, not technically a request, but this is the only Steve and Eydie I have—and I think this track is making it’s 77 Santas debut!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot for these christmas songs! Thank you! they are really amazing! and this Christmas party will be filled with these wonderful sounds!

Anonymous said...

keep em coming! the shop is still rocking and i attribute our massive 33% sales increase directly to 77 santas

wine shop dave

Raven176 said...

Agreed on Aimee Mann's
cd. That one gets multiple
Great site, thanks for all the work y'all do.