December 03, 2010

That Christmas Spirit

PC (who should be joining us shortly, I promise) says that I’m too cheery on 77 Santas.  I’m too pleasant.  I’m too smiley.  Well, what can I say?  The holidays just bring out the best in me.  Even if you’re not religious, you have to respect the holiday.  And there’s just something about the spirit that’s contagious.  Today, I was at the gas station and Gayla Peevey was playing over the radio.  How do you not smile at that?  (I’ll tell you how—when you see the price of a gallon of gas.  Hey-O!)

I think this weekend will have some goodies in store.  So get ready.  Plus I felt a little under the weather last night and missed yesterday.  Which surely makes a failure.  Like Santa would miss Christmas over a headache.

And a little video bonus from Johnny, 1977.  Oh yeah, he's got some friends with him as well.

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