December 01, 2010

Santa was talkin’ with his missus, said let me help you with those dishes…

Santa was cracking the whip late last night at the other North Pole.  Yes, we can’t always be at 77 Santas all the time, though we’d love to be.  Anyway, by the time Santa grabbed some Five Guys, made it home, and kicked off his boots, he was bushed.  But we’ll make up for that little slip right now.

But let’s hope not.  Seriously, for some, Christmas can be a lonely time of the year.  Just ask our friend The Depressive Weatherman about it.  I can’t imagine what that guy will go through this holiday season.

Hey, it’s the holidays.  Ain’t no reason to have the blues!  And come on, you expect me to believe that a song that sounds this good is actually meant to keep me down?

Hey now, this is how we should all start out Christmas morning.  A jaunty little Americana beat, a catchy chorus, and some fun.

Remember so send in those Santa pictures!  Details on the contest are at the top right.

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