November 14, 2006

The Christmas curtain falls on lawbreakers

Back with a few more for today.

My Morning Jacket… well, if you haven’t heard them by now, do yourself a favor and drive to the nearest music store and buy all that you can. With their reverb-soaked guitars and their tremendous live shows, MMJ is probably one of the premiere American rock bands working today. This song, “Xmas Curtain,” comes from their second album, At Dawn.

Xmas Curtain – My Morning Jacket (Live, Chicago)

Denmark-duo The Raveonettes almost sound a throwback to the mid-60s harmonies of The Everly Brothers and The Ronettes. The songs chord structures are simple and straight-forward (their debut album, nearly all of the songs were under three minutes and recorded in B-flat minor). However, their lyrics are often dark—definitely not something you’d hear in Phil Spector produced albums. “The Christmas Song” was featured on the television show The O.C. which I’ve never watched. It’s a kind of beautiful song, especially for fans of that great sound from the early 60s.

The Christmas Song – The Raveonettes

Charlie Pride was a former Negro League baseball player. When he first began to record country music, radio listeners were unaware that he was black. It’s an interesting story—one that will soon become a film, with Terrance Howard playing Pride. This is a brief and fun little country number.

Christmastime Is Here Again – Charlie Pride

What would Christmas be without Coca Cola and Santa Claus? Here’s one of many, many Coke commercials featured around the holidays.

Coca Cola Christmas Song

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