November 15, 2006

Rock Your Stocking, Chill Your Nog

While I love the old time Christmas songs, I will begin by posting a few written or performed in the past decade or so. These three songs are by artists I listen to all the time, and it's no surprise to me that they, too, love this great season. While it's wonderful to listen to different versions of "White Christmas", "Silent Night" etc., I find it exciting when people step outside of the tradition to write or sing something new or lesser known. While these tunes may not be as nostalgic (which can be dangerous) now, they might be when our kids hear them. So here's a few: one by The Flaming Lips, one by My Morning Jacket (see JV's comments on them), and one by the inimitable Will Oldham, performing here as "Palace Songs". The first two are original compostions, from the albums "Clouds Taste Metallic" and "My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Time Fiasco Style". The third is from the Ep "Hope" though I'm not fully sure who wrote the song. It's credited to "Baker/Black". If anyone knows who they are, please let me know! Enjoy, and remember, He sees you when you're sleeping. PC

The Flaming Lips: "Christmas at the Zoo"

My Morning Jacket: "Xmas Time is Here Again"

Palace Songs: "Christmastime in the Mountains"

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