August 04, 2007

13 ways of looking at heat exhuastion

Been away awhile, working my ass off, writing when I can, sweating, and growing grumpier with each long day of summer. I'm a fall person, so I can't wait. Gonna keep my blabbin' to a minimum and my songin' to a maximum.

Talked with Jay V about posting each original and then its cover off of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "Greatest Palace Music" and while I'd like to do that, I don't have that kind of time. Plus, everyone should own all (or at least most) of his material from his many manifestations. Good ideas are as regular as shitting to him. Covering himself being only one of such instances. In addition to this, I want to throw up some other covers/originals. Also, some new (or older, but in heavy rotation) tunes that have been doing it for me. Consider this 3 EPs album by the PC Band.

For all of the covers, I will put the original first.

Palace Brothers: No More Workhorse Blues

Bonus Covers:

Bonus Studio/Live Versions:

Palace Music: A Sucker's Evening

While it's impossible to cover a traditional tune, here's two versions of a great one. I just discovered Fern Jones. She's awesome. "She sounded like Saturday night on a Sunday morning." Her version, with the Gram Parsons blessed Byrds' version to follow.

Bonus with ghost:

(I don't have the Johnny Cash version or it would be right here. Shame on me. Sam Phillips only let him put one gospel tune on his first album. This is the one he chose.)

And thus ends the covers version of our post. Let's move on to some tunes that I'm currently listening to, eh? Random rules here.

Got "Marry Me" by St. Vincent the other day, and I love it. Here's a few.

Astrud Gilberto's voice is so wonderful. Because of her (and her husband Joao, and Stan Getz) I've been a long time fan of Bossa Nova music. It's great in summer, even though summer sucks.

I went to Jamaica in May for my brother's wedding, which only futhered my love of Reggae music. Here's some classics from Jimmy Cliff:

Jimmy Cliff: Wonderful World, Beautiful People

Meg Baird (of Espers) put out a solo album on Drag City called "Dear Companion"... It's beautiful. Like swimming in a river very early in the morning. Here's the A Capella version of the title track.

I went of a slight Polvo kick last week. Their album "Exploded Drawing" fucking rocks. We used to listen to this at the end of our long shift at CD Alley (Wilmington branch) before retiring to The Blue Post. Ah, fuzzy memories.

Polvo: Fast Canoe

I'm usually a little leary of long solos in songs, but I love the guitar solo in this. The Allmans rule.
The Allman Brothers: Blue Sky

"Moments can be monuments to you/If your life is interesting and true/ It's just the same for a man or a girl/the meaning of the world lies outside the world" should be everyone's motto. Here's the tune from which these (and other equally brilliant) lyrics spring. Only from the mind of David Berman.

And that's where I want to end it. People. Good to be back. Hope to check in more often before the wonderful season of snow and cold is upon us. Of course we need to get to autumn first, the wonderful season in which everything turns beautiful and then dies and rots.

While posting and downloading songs is great, don't forget to go to your local Record store and spend some money.

PS: I took that picture on a ferris wheel, looking at a rival ferris wheel.


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