August 22, 2007

Make-Up Post

That’s right. This is a post where I make-up to you for not posting in several days. So, I’m sorry. But I’ve been busy, lots of people visiting, lots of stuff going on. Anyway, here’s Neko, Eddie, and lots of others worth checking out. This is a down-on-your-luck, kicking-an-old-soda-can, walking-with-your-head-hanging-low kind of mix.

The Mirror Speaks – James Blackshaw

The Dark End of the Street – James Carr

In California – Neko Case

Goddamn Lonely Love – Drive-By Truckers

Girl in the War – Josh Ritter

For the Widows in Paradise; For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti – Sufjan Stevens

Blue Moon with Heartache – Rosanne Cash

$1,000 Wedding – Gram Parsons

Crazy Mary – Pearl Jam

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