August 09, 2007

Did AT&T Censor Pearl Jam?

On Sunday night, like thousands of Pearl Jam fans unable to attend this year’s Lollapalooza where PJ headlined, I watched AT&T’s sponsored webcast of the event. The band played a perfect set for the crowd, delivering some of their most well-known hits, a rarity for the hardcore fans, and some tracks off the new album.

News broke yesterday that AT&T supposedly censored at least one of the songs. During “Daughter,” Ed tagged Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.” During this, he sang the following:
“George Bush, leave this world alone." (He sang this line twice, apparently; the first time aired uncensored.)“George Bush find yourself another home."

Problem is—I didn’t hear these. In fact, unless you were actually at the event, no one heard these. Johnny Censorship over at AT&T decided to cut it out. We didn’t need to hear such strong words about this shit-for-nothing president.

PJ released a statement on their website.
Entertainment Weekly wrote a little article about it.
Even the Wall Street Journal picked it up.
You can read what fans think over at the Message Pit.

You can read the articles there and decide what you think—it’s probably obvious what I think. Even though I have AT&T as my cell company, if the corporation had anything to do with this, then they would be grade-A motherfuckers in my book. They’re already just plain ole motherfuckers for willingly giving the NSA phone numbers and other information without a warrant.

In the meantime, here are a few songs that would probably piss off the people like AT&T and George Bush.


Satan’s Bed

Do the Evolution

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