October 23, 2007

Forecast: White Out Conditions

For the next five days, this blog will be about one thing: Penn State vs. Ohio State.

I am a Penn State fan. PC is an Ohio State fan. For three and a half hours Saturday, we will hate each other. But until then, we will be relentless in our verbal tirades and taunts. If you come here for the great songs we usually post—allow us this indulgence. The Christmas extravaganza will start November 1. We’ll return to our sane, thoughtful selves then.

Right now, our minds are focused one thing: Beaver Stadium, 8 pm, Saturday. OSU is perched atop the number one spot. Penn State is crawling up from the bottom of the rankings. But these teams always play each other hard. It’s Big Ten and college football at its very best.

Of course Ohio State will walk away the losers—if I’m not mistaken, I believe the state’s motto is “Ohio Is for Losers.” And I’ve heard that recently, ever since the 2005 ass-kicking delivered by Penn State, Ohio State’s buckeyes have gotten a little smaller, if you know what I mean.

Nothing But A Heartache – The Detroit Cobras
That’s what OSU are going to have.

I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News) – Eagles of Death Metal
Yes, I do want it hard. And PC, we’re going to be bad news for your crew.

I’m Not Like Everybody Else – Chocolate Watchband
Nope, Penn State isn’t like one of the imposter teams OSU has rolled over this year.

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thehauntedtooth said...

PSU lost to the team that lost to Appalachin State. Then they lost to the team that got beat by the team that lost to Appalachin State. What all three of these teams have had trouble doing this season is remaining focused on the task at hand. That's when numbers start to appear in the right hand column of your schedule results. Yes, OSU has had some cake games this year. Right in line with such teams as Notre Dame, Florida Int'l. and Buffalo. We have also stifled the two "best" offenses in the conference. One of which was on the road, at night. And also, last night, on the Big Ten Network, one of Purdue's wide receivers said our defense was by far the toughest they faced. This is going to be a game of hard hitting. This is not 2005 JV. Living in the past is for dinosaurs. It's a new season, these are new teams, and I wish you guys the best of luck. I will not apologize if one of our men knocks Morelli's little inconsistent dick in the dirt.
I've said my piece. Take the rest of the week to post songs and talk trash, JV, I'll be focusing on the game ahead of me, just like my team is now in Columbus.
You gotta date Saturday baby!