November 24, 2008

Inner Peace Along the Way

Look, I love turkey and mashed potatoes and just the general gluttonous glee of Thanksgiving. But I’m looking forward to this holiday wrapping up. Come Thursday, we’re pulling out the big guns. Of course I am talking Judas Priest week. Okay, no, I'm talking about some serious holiday tunes. Maybe some Hardrock, Coco, and Joe? Maybe some Ray Stevens? Maybe some more Beach Boys? And you better believe there will be some Darlene Love. No question about that. But in the meantime, we still have goodies up our sleeve, er, stockings.

White Christmas – Kitty Wells

Surely one of the prettiest voices in country music history. Kitty is still with us, though retired from performing in 2000. This version is beautiful.

Gift X-change – Calexico

This is a special song for PC. Buddy, this one probably doesn’t sum up how you feel today, but it is good old Americana and a fine song.

Blue Christmas Lights – Buck Owens

Here’s our third and final Buck Owens song this season. You just know that when Buck sings blue, he means it.

Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter

Surely one of the dirtiest Christmas songs, let’s just say that this Santa isn’t up to any good. I mean, he makes his runs about the break of day after making all the little girls happy.

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