November 23, 2008

Jingle All the Day

Penn State is headed to the Rose Bowl. Ohio State is heading… to an undetermined bowl. A great world for PC and I on this cold Sunday morning, right? Not quite.

I just read that The Weather Channel has essentially fired Dave Schwartz—that’s him in the photo. Schwartz had been with the channel since 1985, and first appeared on-air in 1991. I realize the economic times have hit all of us hard, but did The Weather Channel parent company NBC Universal really need to fire Dave Schwartz? The man was great on the air—lively, funny, passionate. Actually, he also seemed a bit strange, but I liked that. And to think, yesterday I was beyond excited to download the new Weather Channel app for my iPhone. Now, it just won’t be the same. If Dr. Greg Forbes, Dr. Steve Lyons, or my beloved Jim Cantore are at risk, I’m walking. I don’t know where to, but that was the best idle threat I could think of right there. If anyone messes with the furious sexual tension between Stephanie Abrams and Mike Bettes, my 8 p.m. hour might as well conclude by drinking poison. And please, keep Heather Tesch—I’ve followed her career since her days at WGAL in Lancaster, PA, and I always knew she was more talented than that toothpaste salesman Doug Allen. I also have a fond spot for Mark Mancuso—he’s another on-air veteran and a PSU graduate. Just an FYI—Penn State has the best meteorological program in the country. So call me what you want—balding, slightly overweight, obsessed with petty things, and apparently old at heart because I am this worked up over The Weather Channel—but I like my weather. And Dave Schwartz’s holiday season just got a little less happy. Today, there is no Santa in his honor.

Sleigh Ride – Johnny Mathis

I can’t hear this song without remembering the impersonation my cousin did a few years back. As he noted, Mathis has exact enunciation in every line.

Winter Symphony – The Beach Boys

This seems like a very underrated tune to me. There’s something perfect about—I know the snapshots of winter life are perhaps a bit too picture-esque. But I can’t help it—I like this one.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – The Melodeers

How about a do-wop Christmas?

Mistress for Christmas – AC/DC

Finally, I’d like to end with AC/DC. Usually I listen to this band to get pumped up, like for football or filing my taxes. But they’re great when you’re angry too. This one is for Dave Schwartz. Dave, I doubt you want a mistress for Christmas, but whatever you want, I hope you get it.

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