November 24, 2008

A little suite of roses themed songs for my boy JV. Congrats to PSU--they put together a fine, unexpected (by the 'masses') season and deserve that trip to Pasadena. There is no other team I'd want to share a Big Ten title with. Well, I never want to share it with anyone, but you know what I mean.

Guns N Roses: Paradise City

JV likes to get pumped up to this.

Laura Cantrell: When the Roses Bloom again

It just seems like a logical follow up. Right? Right!?

The Grateful Dead: It Must Have Been the Roses

Off of Reckoning, a nice, stripped down live album.

Elvis Presley: Mama Liked the Roses

This marks the transition into "Christmas" music.

Nat King Cole: I Saw Three Ships

I love Nat's Christmas tunes. I bought an album of his a couple weeks ago, only to realize it wasn't the exact one I listened to growing up. It didn't have this, or a couple other songs, on it. What did I do? I went online and found the one from my childhood. What do I have on my desk? Two Nat King Cole cds that are hardly different. What does that make me? A genius.

Eddy Arnold: Jolly Old St. Nicholas

I just read that Jim Tressel likes country music. And he takes his cheeseburgers without onions. He also likes hot coffee. And mowing the lawn. This one's for him. Thank you for winning 80% of your games since coming to Columbus, for beating Michigan 5 times in a row, and 7 out of 8 total, for not having a losing season since 1995 (and even then you were at Youngstown State), for bringing me, my brother, and my buddies from home closer together for some strange reason (it was commented this weekend that we've been following you like the Grateful Dead (intertextuality!) for 7 years now), for teaching young men that while most of life is football, there is more, and, oh yeah, for bringing us our first national title since Woody. Long may you run and coach.

The Ohio State University Marching Band: Sleigh Ride


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