November 29, 2010

Ding Dong Bell!

Well kids, we can thank Comcast for the outage yesterday.  Apparently the entire East Coast suffered an Internet outage, and that affected the home base here at the North Pole.  So, boo hiss on Comcast.  But let’s not delay and get right to it.

I don’t think is like anything we’ve ever posted on 77 Santas.  You’ll get down with that funky island groove.

We do everything here at 77 Santas—and why should holiday music just be held to Christmas?  Here you go.

An instrumental take on the standard that’s got a great sound.  Horns and all.

Nope, it’s not The Beatles.  It’s The Kaisers, singing to Loopy Lu.  If you know who that is, you’re old.  Just kidding!  We play for all ages here!

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