November 26, 2008

Hung Where You Can See

A few classics on this, Thanksgiving Eve.

Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys: Christmas Times A-Coming

It sure is, and this is one of my favorites.

Burl Ives: Holly Jolly Christmas

I say it every year, this old man is a pervert. "Kiss her once for me"...

Diana Ross & The Supremes: Joy to the World

Great version.

My Morning Jacket: Xmas Time is Here Again

The best Christmas present I get is seeing these guys back to back December 27th and 28th

Start fasting, for tomorrow we feast!


gravy said...

thankyou for the music!

i manage a shop (wine) and the next month is set to be busy,hopefully/undoubtedly your tunes raise the spirits of both our and the customers so once again, nice one!

gravy said...

p.s. happy thanksgiving
p.p.s i'm in england we don't do thanksgiving

thehauntedtooth said...

thanks gravy! we accept complimentary bottles of wine.