December 04, 2009

Ho Ho Holy Shit! The semester is over!

Time to get to work.

Just a little test run tonight. Please let me know if the links work correctly.

A few of my all time faves, plus one new classic, to kick it off. A greater smorgasbord awaits.

My Morning Jacket: The Xmas Curtain

The Crystals: Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

Nat King Cole: I Saw Three Ships

Bob Dylan: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Turn off the crappy, sappy radio station. Come here.



alina said...

I can't download the songs-- they turn up as "files" but won't open with itunes.... Which makes me sad because they looked yum.

Anonymous said...

The tracks download fine... if you manually change the file extension to 'mp3' then they play fine, too.

thehauntedtooth said...

Hmmm. Sorry Alina. Thanks Craig. I'll see what I can do. I do know that some of my files are MP4, though I don't know what that means really, or how to change them. I consult with JV once I finish making this kebob stick sleigh.


I.B.Strange said...

My system won't let me download these. Says "unauthenticated files" and stream something or the other.

thehauntedtooth said...

Ok, I'll use media fire. I'll repost these. Thanks and sorry.