December 09, 2009

Santa, Welcome to the Modern World

A little different post today—I don’t have this song, unfortunately, and we’re going to YouTube it. When I was a kid, I used to listen to Dr. Demento every Sunday night on Magic 99. It was the highlight of my week—yes, those were dark days for me! I taped the songs off the radio… Wow, I’m not doing myself any favors here, am I? Anyway, one of my favorite songs from the doctor’s annual Christmas show was “Santa, Welcome to the Modern World.” Years passed. I all but forgot about this song but then it hit me tonight—just popped into my head. So I did a little Googling on the interwebs and found this. It’s not a video. It’s not an MP3. It’s just the song. If anyone out there has this though, let me know—I’d love it.

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Anonymous said...

JV - If you provide an e-mail in the comments, I will send you the mp3 for this song. Certainly, I am forever grateful for introducing me to Gayla's 77 Santas. (I'll check back for your address.)