December 12, 2009

Jack Frost Nipping On All of Me

Sweet Georgia Brown is it cold outside! It’s not even the middle of the month yet but the winter has fully set. This is the first of two posts today. Enjoy!

My Favorite Things – Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass

I’m really baffled as to how this song came to be associated with Christmas. Anyone know? I love this bouncy, horny version (horny as in brass horns, you perverts!).

The Christmas Song – Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66

Put on your smoking jacket, pour yourself some brandy, and relax next to the fire. This is smooth.

If Christmas Can’t Bring You Home – Reigning Sound

Then nothing will. (MP4 file.)

One of You In Every Size – Marty Robbins

Yep, this one is just kind of creepy. Creepy in that “kiss her once for me” kind of way.

I Know What You Want for Christmas (But I Don’t Know How to Wrap It) – Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards

Okay, now this is horny as in let’s be naughty under the mistletoe. Actually, that might be too innocent for Kay Martin.


Paul in Suffolk England said...

Thanks for doing this again this year, it's much appreciated!

I've got a song for you - "It's A Big Country" by Davitt Sigerson. You won't hear a better Christmas song this year. I hope you can find it.

Best wishes for Christmas


JV said...

Thanks for the kind words! I am looking this up on iTunes right now. Seems it's one of those forgotten treasures.