December 03, 2007

Another Cowboy Christmas

Apologies for the posts expiring so quickly—we also apologize for being cheap, since we could pay some dough for longer downloads. But, as always, if anyone ever has a request for a repost, just leave a comment and we’ll get it back up lickity-split. Even more apologies—my country post is a day late, but PC had my back yesterday. No, the picture doesn't have much to do with Christmas, but there appears to be cowboys. And it looks cool.

Blue Christmas – Webb Pierce
Ah, the old classic never gets any less blue.

Senor Santa Claus – Jim Reeves
Lou Dobbs requested this one—he said we just weren’t addressing the illegal immigrant problem in the country this holiday season.

One of You (In Every Size) – Marty Robbins
No socks, shirts, and ties, just your loving lies. Snagged this one from Flowering Toilet. Check the great Christmas mix up on that site.

Merry Christmas from the Family – Robert Earl Keen
Of course Keene’s Christmas tune would chronicle motor homes, chain-smoking, champagne punch, bloody Marys, and a can of fake snow. Hallelujah, everybody say cheese, merry Christmas from the family! This is fast becoming one of my favorites.

A Cowboy’s Christmas – Wayne Newton
Did cowboys have hairspray like Wayne Newton? They’d be a handsome bunch if that were true. This song’s hilarious because it tries so hard to be "cowboy."

The Santa Claus Boogie – The Tractors
Finally, a newer country tune. Take some time to believe in Santa Claus.

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boyhowdy said...

Just posted Jill Sobule's cover of that Robert Earl Keen tune -- I think she does it justice. Get it here. And thanks for keeping up the incredible stream of holiday goodness!