December 09, 2007

An Ohio Christmas

I give to you a group of songs by artists from, in some fashion or another, my great home state of Ohio.

Chrissie Hynde is from the Kent/Akron area. (Cuyahoga Falls, as mentioned in "Back to Ohio")

Dayton's finest and most prolific maker of songs, Mr. Robert Pollard (and co.)

He lived in Columbus and studied philosophy at The Ohio State University, which adds an entirely new dimension of awesome.

From Piqua, OH. Posted this a few weeks back.

Joe Walsh went to Kent State University. My friend's mom used to get high with him. On life. High on life.

They formed in High School in Canton, OH, and went on to write and perform some amazing songs, such as this one.

He's from Steubenville, OH. He also died on Christmas day.

She's from Evanston, OH.

I don't have any Over the Rhine, but JV has posted some and he may again in the future. I also wish I had xmas tunes by Devo, Afghan Whigs, NIN, Marilyn Manson etc. but I don't. Anybody that knows of any or of any artists I don't know about, feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

I recently posted the LP "A WVXU Cincinnati Christmas" over at That's still in Ohio, right? Features Ruth Lyons, Ira Joe Fisher (weatherman--he does the intros) and the Up-town Yuletide Carol & Swing Band (nice mellow jazz).

Here's the link, if anyone's interested,

Anonymous said...

Great site,btw... Thank you.
The track you posted, Baby,It's Cold Outside isn't Dean Martin & Doris Day. It's Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting.

thehauntedtooth said...

Thanks. Sorry for the mistake.

Anonymous said...