December 03, 2007

Come to the manger, see the little stranger

Got some work to do, so this will be short. This is my last week of classes! Then just a stack of grading and I get a month off to rest, write, play N64, drink, eat, eat & drink, make posts, talk to santa, and drink!

Mahalia Jackson: Silent Night, Holy Night

More like, Silent Night, Holy Shit! (I'll give you a moment to belly laugh at that display of sheer wit and wordplay. And, done.) Wow. What a voice. She refused to sing secular music her entire career, and she stuck to it until she passed away, here in Chicago, her home away from New Orleans.

A version you hear often on radio. Still, it's awesome. I love the 'neigh' at the end.

"One [O Holy] night, Bobby Vinton sent us champagne."

Can't go too long without a post from the Spector album.

This from the man of "Feliz Navidad" fame. He's a fine guitar player, too, as evidenced by this instrumental take.

A true master. Sorry, Jose, you got nothin on this man. This for JV, who's feeling this song this season. And, while I'm at it, another version:

Bing Crosby: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

I know JV posted this earlier in the season, but it's expired, and awesome, and my favorite band.



Jannell Says said...

Thanks sooo much for your contribution to happy, song-filled holidays. I usually hate xmas - but since finding these wonderful sharity blogs - my mood has changed. I have to listen to CRAP holiday music all day at work at a department store...but then I am redeemed by these rad tunes!

Maria Chase said...

Great reading your blog postt

Maria Chase said...

First time reading this blog, thanks for sharing.