December 07, 2007

Happy Xmas (School is Over!)

That's right kids. As soon as I get the grading finished, it's on for real. Until then, a small set of jams.

Drums are just sick on this song.

I'm trying really hard not to make a tasteless joke here.

My favorite band making music right now. Maybe a close second for favorite band of all time behind The Band. So bright. Glowing.

More Otis coming from JV, I think...

Get hit in your soul and keep it there.


Anonymous said...

waitin for it. track 1. party mix. "merry christmas, baby."

Anonymous said...

btw, pc. I'm really glad to hear the band is your fav band. they deserve it so much. my gf is loving the MMJ xtunes so I owe you one. a big one.