December 01, 2007

Winter Storm Advisory Board

I searched through all of my music yesterday for songs with the word winter in the title. Here goes:

I don't think there is a music out there that depresses me more than hers. Still, it's gorgeous and I return to it. This song written by John Cale.

Not getting much more uplifting here, but, come on, it's Leonard!

Good Ol' Will. This stays pretty close to the original. It's nice. This whole EP, HOPE, is nice.

Great tune.

JV's lady of song.

Short, punchy song.

The reigning king of whisper singing.

The space between wonder and land is important here. This song is nuts. This band has been a hard sell for me, but I think I'm turning a corner.

This is off of a Christmas album I bought in Jamaica. It's quite disappointing. Listen and see!

The sky is certainly that today.

There you have it. Be careful out there if you're in the line of the storm!


David Federman said...

Great selection, but consider adding Bob Dylan's "Winterlude" from "A New Morning."

thehauntedtooth said...

Good point! Thanks! I have yet to put that album into my iTunes. Will do that in the next couple of days.