November 03, 2010

2010 77 Santas Contest: Absurd Santa Drawing

Okay folks, this is a big one.  Our first contest.  And we’re excited to get it underway.  We heard that Santa recently started an Elf of the Month program, and it really inspired some work ethic (not to mention, a gift certificate to the North Pole Denny’s for one-luck Elf).  So, here’s the deal.

We want your hand-drawn renderings of Santa.  And, keeping with the theme of our drawings, we’re looking for an absurd take on Santa.  Want to show a beautiful scene with Santa helping out the orphans?  Hey, that’ll touch our heart, but you won’t win.  Do a great version of Santa as a cast member of Freaks and Geeks, now you’re talking (note: do not steal my idea!).  Weird, wacky, funny, satirical, and absurd.

Entry deadline is December 13.

The winners will be announced on December 20.

We’ll pick a first-place winner who will receive a special mix CD created by JV and PC, a personalized autographed copy of JV’s book Nothing Left to Burn, and a special treat you don’t want us to spoil.  No promises it will arrive by December 25, but we’ll try our best.

We’ll also pick some of our favorites in the following categories (who will sadly only win our respect and their picture posted online):

Funniest drawing

Weirdest drawing

You obviously didn’t follow the rules drawing

Best kid’s drawing

Worst drawing

Got it?  Good!  Grab your easel, charcoal, and your computer scanner.  Send attachments to:

Jpeg or tiff files work the best.  If you get fancy, well yes, we do run a website, but we’re not super techno savvy.  We’re English majors!  Have pity. 

Be sure to include your name and, if under 18, your age.  If you’re the grand prize winner, we’ll follow up and ask for your contact information.  If you’re one of the runner-ups, we’ll ask how you’d like to be credited on a website read by thousands of people.

We’re very excited to hear from our loyal readers around the world who share a love of not only this time of year but the music as well.  Best of luck.


I’m not good at drawing.  Will that hurt my chances?
Have you seen JV’s drawings?  No.

Can I create mine on an iPad, iPhone, or digital source?
If you’re a nerd, sure.

I specialize in pornographic anime.  Is it accepted?
Absolutely not.  We’re a family-friendly site and do not promote anything involving nudity—unless of course it is our own.  Just kidding!  Nothing unsuitable, please.
But anime is okay?
As an icebreaker on a date?  No.  For this contest, I guess.

Give us a clue on the special prize.  Is it canned peaches?
No, it is not canned peaches.

Are you afraid that no one will enter and all your hopes and dreams about this website and your view on humanity will be cruelly crushed like a Nutter Butter cookie under Santa’s boot?
Of course.  We’re fragile, sensitive people who often bite our knuckles to hide our tears.  So please keep that in mind.


Anonymous said...

so glad yr back!

just popped in 77 santas

expected nowt

there you are!

fuckicking love it

lets have chritmas massive!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

i've done a couple of beltingly good dr2awings of santa, may take aday or two to work out how to pin them on here!?

Anonymous said...

plus work out how to say thanks for the last few years!!

bloody marvelous

so happy yr back