November 22, 2010

If It Wasn’t for those Slimy, Sneaky Motherjumpers

Who’s ready for the turkey?  Eat up, then bust out the holiday decorations because it’s on.  After Thanksgiving, we’ll he up and running daily.  Hopefully November has slowly wet your appetite.  December will be loaded with sacks of goodies, including some great YouTube videos you might not have seen before.  And maybe PC will finally break out of the North Pole and share some tunes!  And keep the drawing contest entries coming!

Here’s a classic storytelling song that’s only a bit about Christmas, and a lot about bad brothers and the music industry.  A great Americana groove in this one, and Chip Taylor has a weathered voice that sounds like a cold winter night.

Not sure why, but the music to this reminds me of something from the Garfield Christmas special.  (Bonus points for whoever names the man who sang in that holiday special!)  Nothing special here, just getting butt-naked on a bear-skin rug while some good tunes play on the radio.

The standard 12-bar blues on this one—you can see the theme today, just pure American music.  This is one counts down the 12 days leading up to Christmas in a rollicking fashion.  (And thanks to a great little blog you should check out for these songs!)

In lieu of an album cover today, I’m going to feature a great YouTube video featuring the always amazing Jerry Reed (you’ll hear him in the coming weeks).  If anyone remembers this special, I’d love to hear how good (or bad) it was.

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Emily said...

Lou Rawls sang in the Garfield Christmas special!