November 12, 2010

Hey. Ho. Where’d You Go?

As someone in the comments, we’re kicking things off a little earlier this year.  But, once Turkey Day comes around, you can expect to see daily posts like always.  In the meantime, I’m having fun giving you a little taste of what’s to come.  And, we also announced the Santa drawing contest.  Wow, I wish you could see some of what we’re received so far!  Because there are no entries.  Seriously.  This is embarrassing.  Now we just feel like clodhoppers.  Prove us wrong, folks.  Prove us wrong.

It’s a special week for PC and I.  Hate week.  It’s the one week out of the year when our beloved college football teams play each other.  PSU v. OSU.  And, coincidentally, this year PC and I also play each other in our fantasy league.  I know what you’re thinking—it’s going to be a rough weekend for PC.  Hate to see his Buckeyes and fantasy team both fall, but that’s just how things go.  If you’d like to send his condolences, feel free to write something in the comments.

I think this is an underlooked Beach Boys holiday song—and, I suspect there are a lot of songs from the 70s that the band produced that deserve more attention.  But, it’s especially noteworthy since the band made its name on sunny beach songs—here’s something a little darker, lushly produced, about wintertime.  The burnt, rusty leaves still hang in the trees, but soon winter will come in full blast.

JB bringing down the house with that voice.  When he pleads that he’s been good, something tells me that he wasn’t.  But no matter, Santa Claus visits everyone, even the hardest working man in show business.

Blue.  As in blue and white.  As in Penn State.  And this is sung by a band from Ohio.

A piano-based instrumental of the old standard.  White.  As in a white out.  As in the pure helmets PSU wears onto the football field, only to be dirtied with the mud and the blood of Ohioans.

Nope, it’s not a Christmas tune, but I needed to throw something in here about a lion.  And I’m sure the Buckeyes will be firmly chewed up and spit out by the lions’ jaws Saturday afternoon.

I guess I should give PC his due.  Here’s a song about Ohio.  Unfortunately, it’s the most uplifting one I could find.  Hey.  Ho.  Where’d you go Ohio?  Down in the BCS rankings?

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JV said...

And yes, I hear you on the MP3s. A lot of my songs are saved as MP4s and changing them over takes a bit of time. Will definitely keep in mind for all future discs I load into the computer. I'm used to iTunes, sorry!