November 02, 2010

Christmas Is for Losers

Today, I was out in town at a doctor’s appointment.  Before I left, the doc asked if I was glad election day would soon be behind us.  Yes, I was—no more negative, pessimistic, fear-mongering ads.  He nodded and said, “Yeah, but you know what comes next?  Christmas songs on the radio.”
I didn’t say anything, but I thought, there’s your problem chief.  You’re listening to Christmas tunes on the radio!  There’s lots of great stuff out there, you just have to look for it.  Luckily, all of you know where to look: 77 Santas.

In the coming days, we’ll be hosting our first-ever contest on the site.  While it’s exciting and will take some work, we’re very excited.  Hopefully the official announcement will come this weekend.

Meanwhile, we have the first in our drawings today.  This year (and most likely next year as well), I’m going to do parodies of classic album covers.  If you don’t the know the originals, I’ll include the names and artists for your reference (and your universal acclaim, because I’m sure you’ll be impressed by my child-like artwork).  The first entry?  The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, reimagined with Santa and a young Mrs. Claus.

Okay, onto the songs.  Quick question for everyone: Mp3 or Mp4?  iTunes should be able to play everything but I understand that not everyone uses that program.  Let me know what you'd prefer and we'll try to stick with that in the future.

How about a swinging entry into the holiday season?  If this doesn’t make you want to switch on the turn table and seek out some mistletoe, check your pulse.

We know better!  But behind the initial message, there’s a great critique of consumer culture.  Despite the jaunty beat, it’s rather depressing.

This one is simple.  And of course, all of us have our own thoughts of what Christmas means to us.  For me, one of the biggest part is sharing these songs—the kind you won’t hear on the radio, doc—with my friends all over the world.


Zepp said...

I know that the music-philes have issues with mp3 - but I'd bet most shmoos such as I would rather stick to the familiar mp3 -- All of my music libraries are mp3, all of my software, both for tweaking and jukebox players are geared for mp3.

I'm not very interested in converting a ton of files, nor having duplicate software applications on my computer.

And anyone who sez different is just an old Scrooge!

Thanks for all your work and giving us have a joyous holiday!

JWatson said...

You're starting early this year (or so it seems)! I'd vote for mp3 - easier to work with and use on multiple platforms & programs.