November 27, 2010

Jingle Bells Ringing in my Ear

It’s a cool, breezy Saturday.  And it’s also the close of Big Ten Football.  PC is snuggled up in Columbus with his boys, ready to watch the Buckeyes.  I’m ready to watch Penn State take down the Michigan State Spartans.  And, after that, time to decorate the house for the holidays—luckily, I have some great music to listen to.

And thus begins our annual Christmas extravaganza.  A post a day until Christmas Eve.  And, I’m trying to dig deep this year, posting some tunes that haven’t been posted yet.  And, I think there will be a very nice post commemorating our fifth anniversary in the coming weeks as well.  Oh, this our 300th post!

Sure, we’ve had this one up lots of times, but around here, Darlene Love’s version is our “Amazing Grace.”  And while U2 might have dropped off the past few years (a Spiderman musical, anyone?), they can still bring it home on their cover.

I was saving this for someone to answer my Garfield question from a few days ago.  Yes indeed, it was Lou Rawls singing in that great Christmas special.  And here’s the man’s great rendition of an old standard.  (And a bonus clip!)

If you don’t hear those jingle bells, get out to some stores.  Today marks a new campaign to buy from your local, community owned stores.  Who needs to stand in line at the big box stores or wrestle the crowds at the mall?  If you’re in the market for some holiday presents, get out there to the shops owned and run by your friends and neighbors.

Today’s album cover?  Pretty self-explanatory.  

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