December 02, 2007

It's Christmas Time, Blissful Time

I need to get my pot of soup ready, and then I need to sit down and find out who OSU will be playing the the National Championship game. I believed we'd be here all year, but I'll admit, I had my doubts after the Illinois game. Here's our chance at redemption. Here's your chance to download some good Country Christmas tunes.

He's second only to George Jones in individual coutnry hits. Here's an example of why. This song is new to me. I love it.

Only logical.

I love the female vocals on this. They compliment his vocals so well. And the wiry guitar playing. And the depressing as shit lyrics.

We'll have a good ol' country christmas here at 77 santas, all right!

Their harmonies are other-worldly.

Happy December to all!


Sallie Neal said...

Good luck on your National Championship. I'm a Sooners fan, so my eye is on the Fiesta Bowl. ;)

thehauntedtooth said...

Goood luck to the sooners. I think Kansas getting a BCS game is a crock. Oklahoma is the best team in that conference, followed by Texas. We'll see, I guess.