November 30, 2007

O, R They?

Christmas is a box of Hartley's Potato Chips!!! Thank you to JV's ever generous mother and grandmother! Do yourselves a favor and order yourself a bag or ten. Trust us. The best chips ever. And they do it right. Go here now!

Ok, tunes.

Marvin Gaye: I Want to Come Home for Christmas

I said it last year and, sadly, I have to say it this year: this song is all too relevant today. One of my all-time Xmas faves.

There is no other version, ya heard me?

I would've been just fine in the 40's.

I know it says from Bottlerocket, but this is from the Rushmore soundtrack. So good.

Ok, maybe not a 'traditional' holiday song, but I can certainly see this sentiment applying to many New Year's Days this year.