November 11, 2007


Still reeling from the Buckeyes inability to get the job done yesterday. Still, it's Michigan week, which is a season unto itself. And, if we beat them, we will be Big Ten Champs (again), will have beaten them 4 straight years, and be on our way to the Rose Bowl. Not bad for a team most people picked at no higher than 4th place in the Big Ten.
Some 'non-Christmas' songs today. Ones that remind me of winter. This seems to be a theme in many conversations, so here are a few of my choices.

Great Lake Swimmers: I Will Never See the Sun

I will find any reason in the world to post this band. One of my favorites. This off their first, breath taking, album. This album sounds like that transition from fall to winter. This song is an example of that. Go buy it. Go see them live.

Pretty sure this album came out in late fall... At least whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of this time of year. Slowly becoming my favorite Radiohead album.

Ok, I will transition away from the depressing non-Christmas songs to plain old depressing Christmas songs now.

Probably one of my favorite Christmas songs ever.

That's where I'll end it. Props to JV for digging up some great new (to the blog) tunes. I hope to do the same in the very near future. It's exactly 6 weeks away. Damn.
Go Bucks! PC

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