November 28, 2007

Gliding Along with the Song of a Wintery Fairyland

Okay, no idea what happened during our momentary panic yesterday. Thanks to everyone for their comments—they were very helpful. Perhaps it was the large number of photos and YouTube links we had on the page. You see, we’re just bursting with Christmas music and can’t control ourselves. Rather than display the past seven days, we’re now only doing the past three. But keep in mind, the links should be good for seven days so if you’re a newcomer, page back through. If you’re a regular, I hope you’re glad that we’re still up. To make up for the silence of yesterday, here are ten for you today.

Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Elvis Presley
Here’s a bluesy stomp through Christmastime courtesy the King in his big black Cadillac.

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late) – The Chipmunks
One year he will get that hula-hoop. I know it.

Sleigh Ride – Johnny Mathis
Okay—if my cheeks are “nice and rosy,” it’s because they’re cold. And I would not be “comfy, cozy.” Still, it would be lovely weather for a sleigh ride together. Giddy up!

We Three Kings of Orient Are – The Beach Boys
If they sounded this melodic, everyone in that manger must have been pretty happy. The Beach Boys lush and serene version is one of my favorites.

Silver Bells – Diana Ross and The Supremes
Let’s keep the harmony train rolling.

Run Rudolph Run – Chuck Berry
Another question—who in the hell is Randolph? Is this the guy who’s threatening to take Rudolph’s job? Could he be an illegal immigrant, like the Republicans claim are taking all our jobs? I don’t understand, but I sure hope Randolph asks Mitt Romney a question on the YouTube debate tonight. Now that I think on it, Wolf Blitzer certainly has to have some kind of reindeer lineage.

What Christmas Means to Me – Stevie Wonder
So, up until now, Christmas has meant various things—Cadillacs, sleigh rides, hula-hoops, and rock and roll electric guitars. But it means more than that to Stevie.

Deck the Halls – The Caroleers
No, this isn’t from last year’s hilarious Danny DeVito/Matthew Broderick holiday movie (emphasis on sarcasm). The Caroleers sound as if they’ve had a few rounds of booze to warm them up. It’s certainly not a good version, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Merry Merry Christmas Baby – The Tune Weavers
Surely one of the saddest Christmas songs—but not quite the level of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love. Still, I don’t think she really wants her baby to have a merry Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Tree’s On Fire – Holly Golightly
Just a reminder: always water that tree. It’ll burn up faster than your Christmas bonus. And please, don't keep it around until Valentine's Day like Ms. Golightly.

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thehauntedtooth said...

JV, if your cheeks are nice and rosy, it's because of the whiskey. This would make you comfy and cozy too. Ya idiot.