November 10, 2007

Santa's Saturday Sack

College football is still going strong. Santa (and PC and me) is taking a break from the workshop today. So, here’s a short bag of goodies.

Frosty the Snowman – Fats Domino
Sing it Fats. And twist.

Morningtown Ride – The Seekers
Nothing like some good 60s folk rock. See yesterday’s discussion about songs that might not be Christmas song, but are lumped into the season nonetheless.

The Christmas Waltz – Peggy Lee
A beautiful version—Peggy Lee’s voice is amazing and serene in this.

Thanks to Kat for sending along this link. This Seekers track was new to me this year, though I could have sworn that I heard a Christmas version. Turns out there is one. Here's the video.


Anonymous said...

Really...this blog is a Christmas dream come true. It's the perfect mix for a Christmas music fan like me...a little now, and a little then. And so much. Every day. It's like a miracle. Thanks. (And thanks for starting in November, for those of us who can hardly wait for it all to begin!!)

Kat said...

First, thanks so much for all these great Christmas songs. I check every day as I wouldn't want to miss a single song.

There is actually a Morningtown Ride For Christmas.