November 20, 2007

Gobble Gobbling Our Way

Big ups to my mom for scoring me this ornament at a craft show this weekend. Fitting end to Ohio State's 4th straight victory over Michigan and our 2nd straight Big Ten title. Pretty good year, seeing as how most analysts thought this would be a down year for us. I personally thought we'd be playing for another national championship. Seriously. I was mum about it. We came close and we still might get in. Who knows. I knew Jim Tressel was unhappy with the way last year ended and the man is highly competitive. That filters down to his players. Ok, end football rant. Some tunes!

The First Song: Band of Horses

Sure, it's not a traditional Christmas tune, but it references Christmas and it's awesome. Thanks again to Ryan for giving me a ticket to their show last week in Chicago. I appreciated them before the show. Now I'm in love with them. It's just good rock and roll music. No bullshit pretense. All I ask from my art is that it isn't afraid to feel and that it takes risks. One of the greatest risks, to me, is that tight rope walk between genuine feeling and sentimentality. These guys straddle it gracefully.

This off their "Xmas Fiasco Style" EP. Since so many people (lazily) compare MMJ to BoH (Holy abbreviations, Batman!), I figured I'd follow with this.

I'll save my Burl Ives rant for another day. Or you can read the archives.

Snow in the forecast for Thanksgiving in Chicago! Bring it on!

That's where we'll end it for today.

Today's fun fact: Edison patented the phonograph on December 24th, 1877!


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