November 28, 2007

Sleigh Bells in the Air, Beauty Everywhere

(Artist's rendering of PC & JV)
Good to be back in the fold. That was scary. To make up for it, and to try and top JV, I give you my first mega-post of the season.

Joni Mitchell: River

Nothing beats the original. Sorry JV. Such a particular writing style.

Paul Anka is the one who turned a little old French song into the show stopper "My Way" that his buddy Frank Sinatra sang and sang well. My father loves both of them, and this Lennon tune reminds me of driving around Cleveland in winters with him while he fixed furnaces and the like. These three are for him.

For the swinger in all of us. Oops.

Her voice soothes and scares me at the same time. Soul power.

Why not two great versions on one day. I don't know who Randolph is, either. Sorry JV.

In Italian, that is. I thought I knew ever Nat Christmas song there was. I was wrong. This is the first time in my life I've been wrong. It feels weird. Like losing your virginity while getting a cavity filled must feel.

One of Bing's final TV appearances, in 1977, was to sing this with Bowie.

To make up for yesterday's post, where I was going to tell you all to watch the special. Hope you did. I caught about 20 minutes of it.

You have two choices. Choose wisely:

John Prine: Christmas in Prison

I am fastly falling for this women's music. It's no bullshit, heartbreakin', honest songwriting. Check out her tune "I Drink" too. This is off her album Filth and Fire. I never thought I'd say this, but dig those steel drums!

Enjoy. PC


Anonymous said...

Was always told that Randolph was the brown-nosed reindeer. He could run and fly as fast as Rudolph but couldn't stop as quickly. Get it???

Anonymous said...

Hey, great stuff ya got there! But why M4A all of a sudden??? Anyway,
keep up the good work!