November 24, 2007

Country Christmas, Part One

JV and I have decided to run our Country Christmas posts over the next couple weekends. I will kick it off. He will follow up later, after the UVA/Va Tech game. Lucky bastard. We both realize we have a LOT of country christmas tunes, so these posts should be large. I have JV and our buddy Jake to thank for my current love of/appreciation for good country music.

Nice and smooth. JV introduced this song to me a few years back and it's become one of my favorites.

Merle Haggard: If We Make it Through December

This will probably appear on the blog once or twice more before Christmas. It's good. It's sad. It's Merle.

Satan is Real. So is Santa.

Oh, Loretta.

My pretty little snowflake. Is this a pretty way to call you sig. other a flake?

Not quite the King, but damn fine in its own right.

JV used to like singing this in gradeschool. I'd give anything for a Youtube of that.

Me, I'll be just fine.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Omfg. Your posts have been answering little questions I had in my mind... filling in details and pointing out new paths.

I was going to make themed mixes from this material, as in previous years, including a Country Christmas. As it stands, I've got the old ipod shuffle loaded up with exclusively xmas tunes, labeled 77 Santas. It's a Christmas Machine!