December 14, 2006

Christmas Island

Another sack full of goodies, kids!

Canned Heat: Christmas Blues

My mom snuck into a hotel and swam with these guys when she was younger. This is all I know of them, aside from their hit about going to the country. This is nice.

Eddie Money: Everybody Loves Christmas

And everybody loves Eddie Money, whether they know it or not.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Run Run Rudolph

God how I love this band! Give me a 12 pack, a back porch, and a Skynyrd CD and I'm content.

Spinal Tap: Christmas With the Devil

Does Christmas go to 11? I'll take this "non-band" over many of the "bands" currently playing on the radio.

The Kinks: Father Christmas

This one's for Pookie. I love the honesty of this song: "Hey Santa, just give us some money." Plus, um, it's the Kinks.

Andrews Sisters and Guy Lombardo: Christmas Island

Possibly my favorite "song I never heard til this year." Such a great sound! And who wouldn't want Santa to deliver their gifts via canoe?

Harry Simone Chorale: Little Drummer Boy

Great version. This plays on the radio here alot.

More coming!

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Anonymous said...

Still getting "exceeded download limit" message at 930pm ET Thurs Dec 14.