December 02, 2006

Soulful Bowl Full

JV turned me on to "What do the Lonely Do at Christmas" and it is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. It's sad, it grooves, it's all soul. I'll add a few more in the same blue-tinged vein. Might get a double post today. Have you been naughty or nice? I had some trouble posting this last night, so if it appears twice in slightly different forms I apologize. PC

The Emotions: What do the Lonely Do at Christmas

Ray Charles: The Spirit of Christmas

I came to this song through "Christmas Vacation". I love the choir at the end...

Boys II Men: Let it Snow

Who doesn't love this group? These boys can sing!

The Temptations: Silent Night

It's the Temptations. They sing for themselves

The O'Jays: Christmas Just Ain't Christmas (Without the one you love)

What a jam! This makes me want to dance. I'm a terrible dancer.

Stevie Wonder: Silver Bells

What a version by one of the greatest ever!

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